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A document-based headless CMS with API + back office.

Made primarly for editorial content management.
Stock definitions are modelled after Schema.org vocabulary.

See Github repository

⚠️ Work in progress: NOT FOR PRODUCTION ⚠️

🤔  Why?


We are seeing the emergence of different patterns in the content management world like:

  • Shared entities vocabularies
  • Automatic web form generation
  • Isomorphic user input runtime validation,
  • Entity / Collection oriented information architecture
  • Headless non-opinionated CMS APIs for JAMStack consumption
  • Hypermedia for non-deterministic data fetching via refs. | links | URIs
  • Plain files data storage for operations convenience (with some trade-offs)
  • Conventions over configuration, with extendabilities (models, widgets…)


All these concepts are explored at different levels of implementations in Paper CMS.
While it's still an experiment, the end-goal is to provide a lightweight solution suitable for projects which:

  • Has ten-ish max. editors in charge
  • Needs moderate authoring concurrency with silo-ed document edits
  • Might needs frequent content updates
  • Low needs for user-land data input
  • Are in an eco-system of focused services where caching / CDNs / whatever are dedicated

To sum up: Paper CMS is good for editors-driven web sites, but is not a good fit for users-driven web apps.

ℹ️  Project insights


Mono-repo. glued with PNPM recursive modules installation.

Major dependencies

  • Node.js
  • ESBuild
  • React
  • MUI
  • React Quill
  • JSON Schema React
  • AJV
  • Express
  • Sharp

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🍃  Web Garden

Open Doc' / Demos website  🚀
Open Doc' / Demos website  🚀
Open Doc' / Demos website  🚀

Building blocks for making progressive and future-proof websites.
Components collection features Astro, HTML, SCSS, JS, TS
Configurations features ESLint, Prettier, Stylelint…


Here lies some re-usable components and tooling settings, taking advantage of Astro strengths as much as possible.

Focus is on common web patterns and progressive enhancements.

🤷🏼‍♂️  Philosophy

We've all been to the point of throwing valuable code when adopting new shiny website frameworks.
Thanks to "island architecture" practices, we can establish standard and future-proof, commonly used, generic patterns, using the web holy trinity of languages : HTML / CSS and JavaScript.
That way, we can sprinkle advanced JS widgets as we like, with trendy UI framework, while things like global application utilities remain stable over time.

Vanilla means future-proofing our code, but it also bring the benefit of minuscule file sizes compared to "all-or-nothing" UI frameworks.

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🏦  Gripsoo

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Launch app  🚀
Launch app  🚀

Your personal digital assets portfolio.

Investment performance

Data visualisation

Gripsoo helps you track your investment performance by offering handy visualizations:

  • Charts: Asset history : profit and loss, cost, …
  • Screener: Asset racing, compare concurrent states.
  • Tree map: Eagle view of each asset share.
  • Tables: Skim over and filter large quantities of records.

Profit and loss

Global and per asset unrealized gain / loss.
Relative (%) or absolute (€ / $).

Cost basis

Track fiatasset / assetasset trades without losing sight of your fiat cost per asset.


Keep track of your staking interests.

Tax calculation

Easily generate annual report with Gripsoo assistance.

Multiple data sources

Gripsoo relies on exported data from your exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Kraken
  • FTX
  • Celsius
  • Custom imports.

Security & privacy

100% of your data stays on your browser.

Chargement de la vidéo… 👀

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